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7th edition of international junior cup. This event is the only EJCT tournament in the Czech Republic. Tournament is open for junior women & junior men (U21).

EJCT Praha 2022 is held under the auspices of
Mr. Filip Neusser, Chairman of National Sport Agency
Mr. Vít Šimral, Prague City Councillor


EJCT Praha 2022 is held with support of Prague 11 City District

Twelve junior women and twelve junior men teams are competing for 2 200 € purse (together for both categories). Team Henderson SCO defends the 2021 title. Czech Junior National Teams play this event: Dion XX (Farková) and Ledoborci NG (Hanák).


Venue: Curling Arena Prague Roztyly


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12 teams are divided into 3 groups of 4. Each team will play 3 Round robins games in their group. Teams who finish 1st , 2nd and two best 3rd will move into QF. The rest of the teams will play for the final places. The QF winners will go to SF. The winners will play Final, the losers will play Bronze game.

Draw – pdf



See photos by Lenka Hronova:

© Lenka Hronová
EJCT 2022 photos

Results – girls

Final standings

1. Henderson SCO
2. Vašáková CZE
3. Miura JAP
4. Farková CZE
5. Sutor GER
  Bomas NED
  Muhmenthaler SUI
  Joó HUN
9. Abdel Halim GER
10. Mariani ITA
11. Dubnová CZE
12. Pflügler AUT



Game results here.


Sutor 7          
Miura 8          
    Miura 4      
    Henderson 5      
Bomas 2          
Henderson 11       FINAL
          Henderson 7
          Vašáková 3
Muhmenthaler 4       BRONZE
Farková 5       Farková 5
    Farková 8   Miura 8
    Vašáková 9      
Joó 7          
Vašáková 7          


9 v 10 game
Mariani 5:6 Abdel Halim

11 v 12 game
Pflügler 6:9 Dubnová 


Round robin

Game details here.

Skupina D

Joó HUN 3 0 25,37 →QF
Sutor GER 2 1 15,37 →QF
Bomas NED 1 2 4,83 →QF
Dubnová CZE 0 3 40,73  


Bomas 5:4 Dubnová
Sutor 5:7 Joó
Dubnová 2:11 Joó
Bomas 7:11 Sutor
9:2 Dubnová
7:3 Bomas


Skupina E

Henderson SCO 3 0 21,88 →QF 
Muhmenthaler SUI 2 1 14,38 →QF
Vašáková CZE 1 2 35,12 →QF
Abdel Halim GER 0 3 11,22  


Muhmenthaler 8:1 Abdel Halim
Henderson 9:2 Vašáková
Vašáková 4:8 Muhmenthaler
Henderson 8:2 Abdel Halim
Muhmenthaler 1:10 Henderson
Abdel Halim 5:7 Vašáková


Skupina F

Farková CZE 3 0 61,80 →QF
Miura JAP 2 1   →QF
Mariani ITA 1 2 52,47  
Pflügler AUT 0 3 5,80  


Farková 4:3 Miura
Mariani 9:6 Pflügler
Farková 11:1 Mariani
Miura 11:1 Pflügler
Pflügler 2:7 Farková
Mariani 2:7 Miura


Results – boys

Final standings

1. Maeda JAP
2. Kapp GER
3. Hanák CZE
4. Carson SCO
5. Mjøen NOR
  Kongssund NOR
  Jermann SUI
  Kvarner NOR
9. Craik SCO
10. Matějíček CZE
11. Hofer AUT
12. Sever SLO



Game details here.


Mjøen 5          
Hanák 7          
    Hanák 6      
    Maeda 8      
Maeda 8          
Kongssund 0       FINAL
          Kapp 2
          Maeda 7
Kapp 9       BRONZE
Jermann 3       Hanák 7
    Kapp 6   Carson 6
    Carson 4      
Carson 6          
Kvarner 3          


9 v 10 game
12:3 Matějíček CZE

11 v 12 game
Hofer 10:3 Sever


Round Robin

Game details here.

Group A

Maeda JAP 3 0 4,70 →QF
Mjøen NOR 2 1 7,37 →QF
Craik SCO 1 2 56,00  
Hofer AUT 0 3 2,20  


Mjøen 6:5 Craik
Hofer 4:7 Maeda
Craik 2:8 Maeda
7:4 Hofer
Craik 6:5 Hofer
Maeda 9:4 Mjøen


Group B

Carson SCO 3 0 15,22 →QF
Jermann SUI 2 1 17,12 →QF
Kongssund NOR 1 2 20,92 →QF
Matějíček CZE 0 3 22,16  


Kongssund 5:10 Jermann
9:2 Matějíček
Jermann 7:3 Matějíček
Kongssund 2:7 Carson
Jermann 3:6 Carson
Matějíček 5:6 Kongssund


Group C

Kapp GER 3 0 7,26 →QF
Hanák CZE 2 1 7,06 →QF
Kvarner NOR 1 2   →QF
Sever SLO 0 3 28,82  


Kvarner 4:5 Hanák
11:1 Sever
Kapp 6:3 Hanák
Sever 5:8 Kvarner
11:6 Sever
Kapp 5:3 Kvarner



Round robin

Games will be played according WCF rules.

1) The team listed first on the Draw plays the Red Stones. Games will be a maximum of 8 ends with time limit 1 hour and 40 minutes, one extra end will be played if needed. If the extra end is blanked, the team without the hammer will win the game.

2) After 1 hour and 40 minutes, a signal will announce the end of the time limit: the current end must be completed (the last stone has to be delivered) and one further end shall be played (to a maximum of 8 ends). In the Playoffs the teams are playing 8 ends without time limit.

3) There will be one timeout per team per game but no time will be added to the time limit. We would kindly like to ask you not to prolong the game more than necessary. When a time out is called BOTH COACHES may speak to their teams but once the Coach who called the Time Out is finished both Coaches must leave. The umpires have the right to speak to Skips to speed up a game.

4) Group rankings will be based on 
a) win/lost record
b) head to head winner
c) DSC
No tiebrakes. DSC is an average LSD (discarding the highest one).

6) For each teams first game in the Round Robin there will be a 5 minute practice. A coin toss will decide which team practices first. At the conclusion of the practice the team will play ONE stone toward the Home End to decide Hammer. Teams may choose Clockwise or Counterclockwise and any player may throw. 

7) *At the conclusion of the first game and for the next 2 games the teams will play one LSD stone (rotation optional) toward the Home End. This will be a total of 3 LSD stones for the 3 games played in the RR. This stone will be measured and determine Hammer in the following Round Robin game and count toward your overall competition DSC result. Winning team plays first LSD. No any LSD scores is cancelled. All 3 LSDs are counted

*Rule 7 has been changed on September 28th



1) Teams who will finish on 1st and 2nd place in the group and two Teams from 3rd places will go to QF.

2) The top teams from each Group will be ranked 1 – 3 by W/L then DSC. The second placed teams from each Group will be ranked 4 – 6 by W/L then DSC. Teams on 3rd places will be ranked 7 – 8 by W/L then DSC. This ranking will decide pairings for the Quarter Finals with 1 playing 8, 2 playing 7, etc. The higher ranked team in each Playoff Game has Hammer and choice of 1st/2nd practice or Stone colour

3) The teams who played head to head game in RR won´t play QF against themselves. Then OC will set up the pairing for QF

4) QF winners will go to the SF.

5) The losing teams of the Quarter Finals will all be ranked as 5th place 

6) SF winners will go to the Finals, losers will play Bronze game.

7) Hammer in the 1st end of QF, SF, Finals and Bronze games will have got higher ranked team
after RR.

8) Games for 9-12 places will play the teams from 4th places in the group and the team from 3rd place with the worse DSC. From 4 advancing teams the ranking will be based on:
o win/loss record
o head to head winner
o DSC scores
Hammer in the 1st end will have got higher ranked team

9) Playoff games will have a 5 minute practice

10) A minimum of 6 Ends must be played. Each team will be allowed one Time Out even if they do not have a Coach. Travel Time home end 75 seconds. Away end 105 seconds and Coaches must remain on the rubber walkways




Eleonora Vydrová
+420 602 318 968


Previous event / EJCT 2021


📷 Brad Askew’s photos can be found at our facebook (here and here)


1) Henderson SCO

2) Mesloe NOR

3) Zelingrová CZE



1) Tatár HUN

2) Kapp GER

3) Øy NOR


Details: curling.cz/en/ejct2021 



EJCT 2022 Partners’ positions are still available. If interested please contact us marketing@curling.cz


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