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About the system in general

From the 2021 / 2022 season, the ČSC Information System (IS) contains data on all Czech competitions and individual matches. IS contains information about clubs and players. The IS is used to register for competitions, and teams use it to compile rosters for the season and for individual matches. Referees only enter results into IS, the system has a new public interface (, where various statistical data can also be seen. These are LSD throw statistics and statistics based on individual ends, such as scoring success with or without an advantage, etc. We know these values from the WCT World Curling Tour website and from the scorebooks of international championships. The individual values are explained in English in the third chapter of The Analysis of Curling Analytics by Kevin Palmer, Gerry Geurts and Jason Gunnlaugson. Top teams and coaches as well as the referenced text confirm that this analytical approach is an important contemporary part of preparation and is a way to raise the quality of individual teams. In addition to these big news, we can also look forward to the little things – this system can record and display the powerplay in mixed doubles competitions or perhaps export the matches of the given player to the calendar in .ics format. IS includes a database of teams and players to match results to. The entire system was arranged by Martin Bukovsky. Now the usual agenda is dealt with by the regular administrator –



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