Prague Classic 2022



Prague Classic is WCT Series 300 Event

Next edition of WCT Prague Classic will be held on November 10th – 13th, 2022 in the beautiful and historic Capital of the Czech Republic. This event for 24 mens teams will be held as the last WCT Event before the WCF European Championships 2022.


Prague Classic 2022 is held under the auspices of
Mr. Filip Neusser, Chairman of National Sport Agency
Mr. Vít Šimral, Prague City Councillor


Prague Classic 2022 is held with support of Prague 11 City District


🥇 Nyman (SWE)

🥈 Klíma (CZE)

🥉 Ramsfjell (NOR)

📷 Are you interested in tournament photos? You can found photos by Lenka Hronova here, photos by Miriam Stewartova here a here.

📺 Do you want to watch the replay and also support the organizers? Watch five replay at Czech Curling Channel on recast.


There is a replay of six selected games via Czech Sport TV website or recast.
(Round Robin Klíma – Nyman game is available only at Czech Sport TV website)

Detail end results can be found here.

Final Game

📺 Nyman SWE 3:2 Klíma CZE


Bronze Game

Ramsfjell NOR 8:4 Karagöz TUR


📺 Karagöz TUR 5:7 Klíma CZE

Ramsfjell NOR 5:6 Nyman SWE


📺 Bryce SCO 3:9 Klíma CZE

Ramsfjell NOR 7:4 Stych POL

Retchless ENG 6:8 Karagöz TUR

Thune DEN 2:7 Nyman SWE

Round robin

Group A

1. Stych POL 5:0 48,68 →QF
2. Ramsfjell NOR 4:1 73,35 →QF
3. Paul CZE 3:2 46,85
4. Genner AUT 2:3 32,63
5. Vedral CZE 1:4 25,55
6. Odorizzi ITA 0:5 29,25

Group B

1. Klíma CZE 4:1 42,23 →QF
2. Nyman SWE 4:1 9,65 →QF
3. Verreycken BEL 3:2 13,30
4. Kapp GER 3:2 19,60
5: Hertman POL 1:4 51,73
6. Nikolov UKR 0:5 48,45

Group C

1. Thune DEN 4:1 74,43 →QF
2. Karagöz TUR 3:2 10,20  →QF
3. Trukšāns LAT 3:2 28,35
4 Craik SCO 3:2 52,10
5. Jakl CZE 1:4 72,80
6. Šik CZE 1:4 61,70

Group D

1. Retchless ENG 5:0 26,55 →QF
2. Bryce SCO 4:1 14,25 →QF
3. Vez ESP 3:2 17,68
4. Czermann HUN 2:3 84,20
5. Veltsman EST 1:4 38,58
6. Hradec CZE 0:5 27,87



pool A pool B pool C pool D
POL Stych CZE* Klíma SCO Craik SCO Bryce
CZE Paul BEL* Verreycken CZE Šik CZE Hradec
CZE Vedral UKR* Nikolov TUR* Karagoz EST* Veltsman
ITA Odorizzi POL Hertman CZE Jakl HUN* Czermann
AUT* Genner GER Kapp DEN* Thune ENG Retchless
NOR Ramsfjell SWE Nyman LAT* Trukšāns ESP* Vez

*confirmed national teams for Europeans 2022


sheet A sheet B sheet C sheet D
Thu Nov 10th 9 00 – 13 00 practice
ice preparation 
14 00 practice+LSD 13 45 Stych
Klíma Verreycken Craik
17 00  practice+LSD 16 45 Vedral Odorizzi Nikolov Hertman Karagoz
Veltsman Czermann
20 00 practice+LSD 19 45 Genner Ramsfjell Kapp
Thune Trukšāns Retchless
Fri Nov 11th 8 00 Bryce Czermann Stych
Klíma Hertman Craik
10 30 Hradec Retchless Paul
Verreycken Kapp Šik
13 00 Veltsman
Vedral Ramsfjell Nikolov Nyman Karagoz Trukšāns
ice preparation 
16 15 Thune
Retchless Bryce Genner
18 45 Jakl
Czermann Vez Odorizzi Ramsfjell Hertman Nyman
21 15 Šik
Hradec Veltsman Paul
Verreycken Nikolov
Sat Nov 12th 8 00 Nyman
Klíma 📺
Trukšāns Craik Vez
Ramsfjell Stych
10 30 Hertmann Verreycken Jakl
Czermann Hradec Odorizzi
13 00 Nikolov
Karagoz Thune Veltsman Retchless Vedral
ice preparation 
16 15 Ramsfjell
Paul 📺
Nyman Verreycken Trukšāns
18 45 Craik 📺
Bryce Veltsman Stych
21 15 Odorizzi Genner Hertman
Czermann Retchless
Sun Nov 13th 8 00
practice 7 45
ice preparation
11 15 practice 11 00 SF 📺 SF
  ice preparation
14 30
practice 14 15
Final Game📺 Bronze Game

 📺 marked games will be streamed online via Czech Sport TV website or recast.

Prize money

Total 13 500 

1st place 4 500  2nd place 3 000  3rd place 2 000  4th place 1 000  5th – 8th place 750 


TV will be broadcasting the Play-offs and selected Round Robin Games on Sheet A. A team might be asked to play the same sheet and stones more than once to allow the organizers to follow the TV schedule.

The Prague Classic 2022 will be played in four groups, each of six  teams. Eight teams qualify for the Play-offs, namely the top 2 teams from each Group (WCF Ranking System). All games will consist of 8 ends and will be played with a time limit of 1 hour and 50 minutes. When the clock reaches 00:00, the ongoing end will be completed and 1 additional end will be played, unless the time runs out in the 8th end. There is no 4th end break.

Unless stated otherwise, WCF rules will apply. No Tick Trial Rule is applied. No communication between coaches and teams on the ice is allowed, except for the pre-game practice and Time-out in Play-off games.


Stone Colour, Pre-Game Practice, Hammer, DSC

The team listed on the top of the scoreboard will play with the red stones. For each teamʹs first game in the Round Robin there will be a 5-minutes practice. A coin toss will decide, which team practices first. At the conclusion of the practice the team will play one LSD towards the Home End to decide Hammer. Teams may choose Clockwise or Counterclockwise rotation, any player may throw. At the conclusion of the first game and for the next 3 games, the teams will play one LSD (rotation optional) towards the Home End. This will be 5 LSD stones in total for the 5 games played in the Round Robin. These stones will be measured and set to determine Hammer in the following Round Robin game and count in relation to the overall competition DSC result of the team. Winning team delivers first LSD. The worst of the 5 LSD scores is cancelled. The distance between the stone and the button (center of the house) is measured to the nearest part of the stone in centimeters with an accuracy of 0.1 cm. If the stone ends up outside of the house or it has been touched / moved by the player of the delivering team, it will be noted as 185.4 cm. At least 3 players must be present on the ice, when the LSD is being delivered. If not, the team’s LSD will be noted as 185.4 cm for each LSD.

Round Robin

There will be no Time-outs in the Round Robin games. If a Round Robin game is tied at the conclusion of the 8th end, one Extra End will be played. If the team with Hammer fails to score, the game will be awarded to the opponent.


The top teams from each Group will be ranked 1st – 4th by W/L and DSC, respectively. The second-placed teams from each Group will be ranked 5th – 8th by W/L and DSC, respectively. This ranking will decide pairings for the quarterfinals with 1st playing against 8th, 2nd playing against 7th, etc. This ranking system will ensure that for the quarterfinals each game will feature one 1st and one 2nd placed team from the Round Robin. The higher ranked team in each Play-off game has Hammer and choice of 1st/2nd practice or Stone colour. The losing teams of the Quarter Finals will all finish at 5th place.

Play-off games are set to have a 5 minutes pre-game practice for every team. All Play-off games will consist of 8 ends and be played with Time Clocks of 30 mins and without 4th end break. A minimum of 6 ends must be played. Each team will be allowed one Time-out, even if they do not have a Coach. Travel Time for Home end is 75 seconds. For Away end, it is 105 seconds. Coaches must wear suitable and clean footwear and remain on the rubber walkways. In the playoff games, Extra Ends will be played until the game is decided.

All Play-off games must be completed for WCT points to be earned and prize money to be awarded.


The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the system of play if required and to make ruling decisions.



Accommodation options

We can offer you allocated rooms and discounted travel agent prices in these hotels. Contact until Sep 5th:

Panorama Hotel ****

Globus Hotel ***

There are also rental apartments and Airbnb close to Roztyly Curling Arena (GPS: 50.0370325N, 14.4802689E)


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Previous year / Prague Classic 2021

Team Ramsfjell (NOR) won the Prague Classic 2021. Check all the results here.


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