Street curling

Additional entertainment activities – street curling


One of the most important objectives of the Olympic Qualification in Pilsen is to promote curling in the Czech Republic. We firmly believe that we can achieve this not only with good performance of the Czech team on the ice and hours of curling broadcasting on TV, but also with a promotional tour offering a street curling to the public.

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Street curling is suitable for people of all ages, including children. It is not played on ice but on a slippery surface that can be placed almost everywhere. Our instructors will be there too and they will introduce curling to you in a fun manner. Just come and enjoy the opportunity to play this Olympic sport!

Why is Street curling so unique:

  • The sheet (playing surface) for street curling is 10 metres long and 2 metres wide (it is approx. a quarter of standard sheet for curling)
  • The stones weight only 1 kilogram each, therefore children can play it too (the standard curling stones weigh 20 kilograms
  • No specific equipment needed, the brooms will be given to you
  • The sheet can be placed inside or outside and it requires only a little maintenance
  • It imitates the nature of curling but it does not require a perfect technique and so it is possible to play an interesting game immediately after the introduction to this sport

Street curling tour dates:

Kde Kdy
Pilsen Letní Sportmánie Techmania 18th – 27th August 2017
Jičín Jičín – město pohádky Žižkovo náměstí/ Husova ulice 15th – 16th September 2017
Liberec Nisa 30th September – 1st October 2017
Ostrava Karolína Octoberfest Nová Karolína 14th October 2017
Brno Olympia 11th November 2017
České Budějovice rozsvěcení stromečku IGY 25th November 2017
Hradec Králové miniolympiáda Futurum 26th November 2017
Pilsen Plaza 2nd December 2017


And remember, it is possible to rent the Street curling for your corporate and private events. It gives you unforgettable sports experiences with an all-inclusive service for either small or big corporations. In case of interest, let us know on


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